lifespin offers innovative analytical solutions for plant research, to accompany breeding projects or to control plant raw materials, intermediate and finished products.


The detailed analysis and verification of complex mixtures of natural substances/extracts can be improved. Established methods in the field of phytoanalytics are thus sensibly supplemented and considerably expanded.

Besides the quantitative determination of individual lead substances in the

multi-parameter approach, qualitative fingerprints can also be recorded. These fingerprints might be used for classification of certain drug or plant extracts. This allows for very quick detection whether the analyzed sample contains unauthorized additives or has an ingredient profile that deviates from the specification.

Relevant relationships can also be extracted from the metabolic profiles and allow not only targeted analyses but also metabolome analyses and thus the answering of complex questions (agronomic traits, origin, varieties, controlled replication, etc.).

Use lifespin as a reliable analytical partner for...

  • A package of breeding for agronomic traits and analysis of ingredients
  • Assurance of consistent quality and availability
  • Determination of chemotypes and target substances as selection and quality criterion
  • Detailed characterization of previously ambiguous defined extracts
  • Metabolomics for complex target characteristics
  • Testing of origin, variety, replication stability, ...
  • Your individual questions