lifespin accompanies research and development up to the routine application of biotechnological methods and processes with efficient analytical systems.

Based on our systems and software modules we offer standardized multi-parameter quantification of target substances as well as a comparison of metabolite profiles against reference batches, from simple pattern matching (non-targeted) to targeted classification.

In this way we also ensure the high quality and efficiency of our methods and offer more parameters in less time - and thus lower costs. This enables higher sample numbers and increased product safety.

For your individual requirements, we are happy to supplement our portfolio with tailor-made analytical methods including appropriate software solutions for data analysis and automation.

Use lifespin as a reliable analytical partner for...

  • Analytical support of the development of fermentation methods, strains, media
  • Quality control
  • Process monitoring, development, optimization
  • Quantification of target substances, components of media, contaminants, side products
  • Testing of non-defined media
  • Your individual Questions