With the possibilities of modern NMR analysis techniques lifespin generates images of the human metabolism in a never before achieved accuracy, while maintaining all relations. This happens fast, accurate, cost-effective - for every human.

In this way, we are responding to the increasingly articulated need of our healthcare system for a significantly more to the individual human tailored therapy.

We develop diagnostic/analytical methods that allow to capture the overall situation of a human in a cost-effective way. Because only when many data for one person, for many people and for many times are available, modern information technologies can be used in a targeted manner and thus lead in a new era of personalized medicine.

We are happy to develop and validate customized methods for your individual requirements, including appropriate software solutions for data analysis and automation.

Use lifespin as a reliable analytical partner for...

  • Analytical support of your R&D
  • Development tandem of therapy and diagnostics
  • Support of preclinical and clinical studies
  • Metabolomics studies
  • Screening of large cohorts or sample collections
  • Development of new IVD
  • Your individual questions